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Motivational Interviewing

You certainly can’t force anyone to change, but you can influence their willingness to do something different. Whether you’ve got an employee who tends to miss deadlines or you’re trying to sell something to someone who isn’t ready to commit, motivational interviewing may increase their readiness to change. Motivational Interviewing is grounded in a respectful stance with a focus on building rapport in the initial stages of a relationship. Traditionally, motivational interviewing is used as a psychotherapy technique to help clients who aren’t yet fully committed to making a change. Sometimes they enter into therapy at someone else’s suggestion and at other times, they want to make a change but aren’t certain how to proceed.

Motivational interviewing, however, doesn’t have to be reserved for therapeutic relationships. It can also be an effective tool that creates change in personal and business relationships. Anyone who works with people in situations where persuasion and behavioral change are important aspects of the job would benefit from an understanding of motivational psychology. It’s a respectful way to help people weigh the pros and cons of change, while also addressing their concerns.

In teaching general principles involved in motivational interviewing, I can help your employees learn how to “roll with resistance” and manage ambivalence. Motivational interviewing challenges negative emotions and beliefs, aiming to create a sense of empowerment, which encourages clients to move from ambivalence to commitment.

Consider offering a two-hour motivational interviewing training to your employees. One session of practical communication techniques, practicing through role play and a follow-up evaluation session can influence and foster business relationships and in turn, increase sales.