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Recognizing change in the behavior of an employee

One of your employees has recently been coming to work late. He can’t seem to focus and has difficulty completing tasks. His work performance is suffering for no reason that you can pinpoint and you find yourself scratching your head, saying to yourself, what is going on here? You wonder, is it drug abuse? Is it marital difficulties? Perhaps stress from other family members? Did I miss something when I hired him? You feel uncomfortable and are unsure how to even start a conversation that would address these concerns.


How would you handle this?

You want to help. You recognize, however, that care and compassion may not be enough. You are not trained to deal with these kinds of issues, but these issues need to be addressed and addressed quickly. If you don’t, productivity suffers. Morale declines. You lose sleep. It’s a vicious cycle, and I know how to break it. As your corporate wellness program counselor, I support you by offering my professional know-how in addressing your employee’s issues. I can help you with that difficult conversation and, in turn, provide a significant return on investment.  I can help you raise the productivity of your workforce, lower absenteeism rates, reduce accidents and help resolve workplace conflicts and complaints.


What are the basics?

When explaining your benefit package, you would communicate to your employees that your company offers CONFIDENTIAL assistance with depression, anxiety, family problems, drug or alcohol abuse, or any issue that causes stress at home and at work.   You would inform them that the assistance and any communication between them and the counselor are kept private from you and other employees of the company.  You would give your employees the contact information (which includes detailed information about the counseling practice and how to access service) and they would then call on their own to schedule an appointment.  Daytime and evening hours are available to the employee.   It’s important to clarify that the assessment, counseling and referral process is completely independent from health insurance and work.  The counseling practice would bill the employer after services were rendered.  As the employer, you can decide how many visits per employee you would like to offer.  The lowest cost option and minimum requirement includes an assessment, two sessions, and follow-up/referral session.