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University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education – “Cooperative Games and their Therapeutic Value”

Bucks County Bar Association – “Everyday Stress Management Skills”

The First National Bank of Newtown - "Everyday Stress Management Skills"

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50th Anniversary Committee Chair  – American Dance Therapy Association

My View of Counseling

Creating goals together helps guide the work and track progress. Counseling is most effective when approached as a collaborative effort between counselor and client. As your counselor, I will be there to support your journey of healing and growth. The counseling process is directed by the goals you set for yourself. It is my intention to provide services that will assist you in reaching your goals. In our initial session(s), I will gather information about your reasons for pursuing counseling and take a personal history. After the evaluation session(s), I will be able to offer you some first impressions of what our work together might include. Goals will be set and periodically revisited. I utilize solution-focused brief therapy to help guide you in figuring out what a successful outcome of our time together might look like for you.

Mental health is as important as physical health and they are interconnected. Life stressors affect thoughts, feelings and behaviors. I utilize cognitive-behavioral therapy interventions and mindfulness techniques to address the physical sensations that exist in our bodies, such as worry, pain, low energy, restlessness - as well as attend to the corresponding thoughts that affect how we feel. Reframing thoughts can change how we feel, but just focusing on thoughts is not enough – paying attention to how our body reacts to stress and making changes on a body-based level is part of my comprehensive treatment process. I listen for a living – through talking and observing – focusing on the body and the mind - and I’ve been doing it for over 25 years. I collaborate with other health care professionals as well.

Change is hard. But it’s easier if you are not going it alone. My overarching goal of therapy is that you will leave feeling you have learned something about yourself that you didn’t know before and that you will be armed with the skills to combat the difficulties in your life. I have the education and the counseling skills to decrease the suffering of those that are motivated to live a happier life. I provide support to navigate the difficulties together. But one needs to practice – counseling requires substantial effort on your part, including an active participation in the therapeutic process, honesty, and a willingness to change feelings, thoughts and behaviors. There are likely to be times when I will suggest “homework assignments” between sessions. Such exercises are designed to make the counseling process more effective.