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Why It is Imperative to Offer a Corporate Wellness Program and how does it save my organization money? 

The U.S Department of Labor reports that for every $1 invested in a Corporate Wellness Program, employers generally save anywhere from $5 to $16. Here’s how:

Reduced Health Care Costs

Depression & anxiety alone costs companies $17 billion a year in lost work days and $24 billion in lost productivity. By utilizing my services, you allow employees to get the help they need without consulting their health insurance company or dealing with the stress of a high deductible, which for many is prohibitive.

Increased Productivity

The support that employees receive allows them to focus on work related tasks instead of worrying about personal problems such as depression, childcare, eldercare, legal, or financial issues.

Increased Employee Retention

Every time an employee leaves your organization, you lose between 50% and 200% of an employee’s annual salary in turn-over costs. A Corporate Wellness Program is a benefit that boosts employee satisfaction and retention.

Decreased Absenteeism

Every day that an employee is absent, whether due to illness or an inability to juggle household and work tasks, costs you money. A corporate wellness program counselor helps employees solve these problems before they lead to missed work days.


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